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Guilds Guide

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Guilds Guide Empty Guilds Guide

Post by Scarlet on 7th January 2011, 7:02 pm

Guide to Having a Guild

Hola! Vertigo Blackhart speaking, and I'm here to give you the basic guides all about guilds.

The world of RPG Haven mainly revolves around the 4 main countries, as well as the power of guilds. Guilds are neutral groups around RPG Haven which basically have their own objectives and goals. It may be for world domination, or basically for the fun of having members and socialising with others.

Guild Master/Creator
You are automatically the Guild Creator if you have applied to create your own guild in the creation section. But you can choose another member to be the guild master of your group. Creating a guild includes a package. You will have one free new ability, one free new weapon, and one stat upgrade. This is to provide fairness among members. I know that you have spent a lot of Ryo to buy a guild, and that includes not being able to buy new weapons and abilities. This gives you a disadvantage among others who have upgraded their characters with their ryo, which is why guild creators will have the package.

As a guild master/creator, you are able to:

  • give missions to members. You can also assist them in their missions, which will then earn you further ryo from posting. When giving out missions, you will have to indicate how much money they will receive when they successfully complete the mission. (this money is given by RPG Haven and not by your guild, so don't worry. ^^)
  • lead your guild into affiliating with other guilds or countries, may it be war or peace
  • kick out an existing member in your guild. If you have felt being disrespected, or just plain annoyed, then you can kick any member any time.
  • engage into guild wars/tournaments
  • earn money for every successful mission of your members. They are not the only ones who will gain ryo for every successful mission. The guild creator will have 50% the amount of mission given. Ie, if your member received 50 ryo from successful mission, you will gain 25 ryo.

Why join a guild?
For members who still don't have enough requirements to create a guild, you can join an existing guild with the permission of the guild master. When you join a guild, you can

  • have missions. Through missions, you will gain ryo from posting, as well as additional ryo for a successful mission.
  • interact with others. If you're new, you will often have a warm welcome from your fellow guild members and will sometimes assist you in your missions.
  • have automatic allies when you're attacked. Your fellow guild members are there to help you out.

Kicked out of a guild?
Now if you got kicked out of a guild, you must be some ruckus member to make the guild master pissed off. If not, then maybe you just got unlucky that you were randomly kicked out. In any case, you are in a great disadvantage.

To join another guild, you will have to pay 200 ryo to join another one. Otherwise, you will currently be branded Traitor and cannot have missions until then. So yeah, respect your guild masters well.

Additional information

  • Unlike the countries, you CAN NOT challenge the guild master for his/her position.

  • It is the responsibility of the guild master or member to post in the 'Completed Missions' to claim their reward money.

  • It is the responsibility of the guild master to inform an admin about a new member of their guild or any other information such as if they have kicked a member. This is for the admin to change the guild information under the member's avatar.

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