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Post by Scarlet on 8th January 2011, 1:12 pm

Race Guide


Vampires are composed of non human individuals cursed of agelessness and thirst of blood. They have better physical Strength and sense of hearing than most races and they become far stronger when fully refreshed with blood, but weakens indefinitely during daylight and when extremely thirsty of blood. The more a vampire kills, the more inhumane and twisted his personality becomes and the stronger he will be overtime. Contrary to popular belief, vampires can walk under the sun, but as long as the sun's direct rays touch a vampire, they are unable to transform or use any of their powers and abilities. Gold is also a weakness of vampires. A mere touch of gold can burn a vampire's skin akin to acid.

Werewolves are basically individuals who were forced to hide their true form in the likeliness of a human. Their true form is that of a giant majestic canine animal, mostly having wolf features. They have better Speed and sense of smell than most races and becomes stronger during the night of a full moon. They can transform into a wolf during daylight, but like their counterparts, they become weaker during these days. Just like in legends, silver is one of the most effective weakness of werewolves. A mere touch of silver can burn a werewolf's skin akin to acid.

Angels and Demons
Angels are non human individuals who were manifested through pure energy. Though they are generally weaker than most races in terms of physical statistics like speed and strength, they have the advantage over flight and airborne speed. Since they are manifestations of energy, their Energy Source are also always superior than most beings. They become stronger during a bright full day when the sun is high, but weakens greatly during darkness or night time.

Demons are widely known as the counterparts of angels. Demons are formed when energy clusters into an object or a form and is twisted into a personification of a new being.. When this energy is embodied into a living being, it is called a Demon. Because the nature of demons is simply an object or a person that has accumulated much of this energy, there is hardly any specificity in physical stature and abilities. However, most facts include demons being generally stronger in dark places or during night, but weakens variably during daylight. They also have better physical Stamina than most races because of the fact that they are formed from clustered energies. Like vampires, they are unable to transform or use any of their powers and abilities as long as the sun's direct rays touch them. The more people they corrupt, the more their demonic energy strengthens and the stronger they become.

Hybrids are non human individuals who have either no specific race of their own, or have their races not as popular to humans are the general magic groups stated above. Examples of these would be the Nekos or 'cat people', shadow spirits, siren, and any other race that don't belong to the categories stated above. Hybrids mostly have the upper hand in terms of their uniqueness, as their weaknesses widely vary and are usually unknown to other races.

Mages are extremely intelligent humans who have acquired the ability to control and bend elements to their will through learning different spells and casts that could bring forth various effects in the basic foundations of the surroundings. They generally have superior Intelligence than most races, and due to being humans, they don't particularly have a specific weakness against conditions or certain objects. However, likewise, because of that fact, they retain humans' weaknesses. They don't have automatic regenerative healing,, and are physically flimsy and weak. Their personal affiliation as a mage can also contribute to their strengths and weaknesses. Black mages are generally weak against light while White mages are weak against darkness.

Summoners are originally a branch of mages. They are composed of humans who were as intelligent as mages, but have acquired knowledge of a forbidden spell to initiate a summon. As a consequence, they lost their powers as a mage, but have gained control over their personal summons. Summoners can call upon various things, ranging from basic inanimate objects like a stool or a sword, to mighty legendary creatures such a sDragons and certain race species like that of Vampires or Angels. These summons can be loyal to them.

Alchemists are originally another branch of mages who have focused on the established norm of principle of equivalent exchange. They have abandoned their knowledge of elemental bending and focused on various transmutation techniques and skills. And over the years, they have grown to become another race of their own and their knowledge passed down through generations. Like mages, they have retained human's strengths, weaknesses and neutrality. A good alchemist is someone who can create something marvelous from pieces of scraps, thus, an alchemist's strength depends mostly on his or her intelligence

Metahumans, just as the name says, are humans who have acquired extraordinary abilities but didn't belong to the Mages, Summoners or Alchemists class. Common examples would be cyborgs, androids, or humans that have been modified in laboratories. A specific example of a metahuman would be Train Heartnet from Black Cat. He had his skills of his own, but is not part of any race. Like hybrids, they have the element of surprise as their abilities as well as weaknesses are most likely unknown to most individuals.

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