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Post by Scarlet on 7th January 2011, 6:39 pm

Rules Coolte19

Rules and Regulations

Hello and Welcome! This is the staff of RPG Haven speaking here. We are the people who run the board and make sure everyone has a pleasant and enjoyable time. We are subject to the same rules that you are, but the current board staffs can and will do what is necessary to keep the peace on the board. Read on and welcome to the RPGH. Reading the rules is necessary and is not optional.

The following rules that need to be followed include, but are not limited to:


  • Everyone should respect everyone else. We're not saying be all buddy-buddy, but at least be cordial. This means, no flaming, no fighting in the OOC areas, and no flame baiting. Flame-baiting is the act of posting something to another member that has no purpose but to cause a fight or argument.

  • Do not argue with others. Everyone involved in an argument will have one warning. I don’t care who started it. If you continue to argue, whether or not you instigated it, you will have another. Once you reach 4 warnings, and the warning bar under your avatar is filled, you will be banned permanently.

  • Anyone that is being harassed, contact an Admin or MOD right away and we will take care of the situation. Now this part is something that tells us that you have read the rules. Send a private message to all the admins this: I want to glomp the admins in a dark corner because I just love their rule making..

  • Do not spam. Making a post in a thread that has no relevance to that specific topic is considered spam. We here at RPG Haven wish to keep the forum looking as professional and clean as possible. This means if you don't have anything to add to the conversation, don't say it, except in the Free Talk thread.

  • If you feel that there is corruptness with the admins or mods, or unfair treatment and you have substantial proof, then bring it to an administrator and they will further the investigation, dealing with it accordingly.

  • Do not double post. The only places you are allowed to double post are in the OOC Areas, when bumping a topic, or OOC in a topic when you're about to leave for school etc.


  • To role-play here, you must have an accepted character in the character creation. Ignoring this rule will get you a warning from the board.

  • You can kill other characters only if you have permission from the person being killed. However you're more than welcome to kill your own characters at your discretion. Also, so I know you have continued to read the rules. For the next step of your proof of rule reading,, add this to your message: And if I do break the rules I give them permission to whip my sorry butty.

  • You can only ONE (1) character per account, but if you want more, you can create another account. Yes, you can have more than one account. You can make your characters RP against themselves effectively, and can use your ryo from your first account for your next one. You can keep it a secret with other members, however, you should inform us admins about this second account.

  • At RPGH you are not limited to one thread at a time. Role-playing here in the wide variety of locations allows you to build multiple storylines at once. It's in your own hands to determine the time line of your character. The only limitation to your free range, is if your character has died. You can't very well be posting alive somewhere else when the character is dead.

  • Your RP posts must be at least 5 - 7 sentences long. The longer the post, the happier the Admins and Mods will be. Do not post one liners. If you post a one liner it will be deleted, you will have to repost, and will get a verbal warning. Two verbal warnings, and the next time you do will cause one warning in your bar.

    He walked into the cafeteria and sat at a table.


    “Oh! It’s been so long since I’ve seen you. I can’t believe this! I was just thinking about you the other day and now you’re here. How are you and what have you been doing?” He said.

  • No Godmodding. You can't dodge every hit thrown your way, and you won't hit your opponent every single time. To complete your rule reading, you must finish your message with: and become their undying slave until the next poor soul screws up.

  • This RPG is PG-13, which means no lemon, guys. You can make out and you can cut to the next morning before you actually do anything, leaving everyone to assume you made love, but you can't actually RP the actions out. Doing so is strictly against the Zetaboards ToS (Terms of Service). This also includes OOC areas of the board.

  • Have fun! That's the point of this RPG and that's why we're all here! Don't hamper other people's fun. Someone who isn't having fun isn't someone who wants to stay here.

P.S. If the rules are not read, you will not be granted access to the RP section. Trust me, we will know if you have not read them, so pay special attention to the hidden instructions. ^^

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