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Ways to Earn and Spend your Money

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Ways to Earn and Spend your Money Empty Ways to Earn and Spend your Money

Post by Scarlet on 7th January 2011, 6:50 pm

Ways to Earn and Spend your Ryo

If you're wondering what to do with your money, or how to earn them more effectively, the list below might help you.

How to Earn your Money

  • Posting.. This is perhaps the simplest way to earn your ryo. You gain 1 ryo per post, and 2 ryo per topic that you open up. The more you post, the more your earn ryo.

  • Refering another Member to the Site. This is the most efficient and effective way of earning ryo in an instant. For every active member that you refer to this site, you will gain an instant 150 ryo. Meaning, that's 150 posts less. However please make sure that this member is active, or we might consider taking back 75 ryo.

  • Affiiliating and/or Advertising this site. Affiliating will give you 100 ryo immediately, and Advertising this site to another forum will give you 75 ryo. Just pm any admin and post the link of where you advertised the site.

  • Post Level up. Now this is a system where you will gain additional ryo once you reach certain number of posts. We will start with 200 posts. Upon 200 posts, you will gain100ryo. When you reach 400 posts, another 100 ryo, reach 800, another 100 ryo, reach 1600, another 100 ryo and so on. PM any admin entitled “Post Level Up” once you reach 200, 400, 800 and so on, and you will be rewarded with ryo.

  • Suggestions and Constant activity. For every good suggestion you give, you will be rewarded with ryo, the amount depending on how good the suggestion is. Now there will be certain times when the admins are simply in a good mood, and they will randomly give everyone that was online in the site for 24 hours certain amount of money ranging from 10-100ryo. If you're online everyday, then you won't miss this chance.

  • Missions. You will only receive or request for missions if you're in a guild. Aside from earning ryo in posting while roleplaying your mission, you will gain additional 50 ryo once you've successfully completed a mission. This will depend on the guild master. The maximum amount of ryo given per mission completed is 50 but other will give you lower especially if you're just starting out.

  • Selling. If you're tired of your ability or weapon, you can sell it. Yes, it's a brand new selling. Now remember that new abilities cost 400 while new weapon cost 200. When you sell your old ability or weapon, it will be half the price. You will sell your ability earning you 200 ryo or will sell your current weapon and earn 100 ryo. Guild is also applicable in this matter.

  • Creating your own shop. If you're good at art or writing or any other kind that you think other members would be interested of, you can create your very own shop in the OOC Area entitled “OOC shops”. Creating your shop is free, and you will earn money if a member bought one from you. Example: personal signatures, avatars, or graphics that you have created for them.

  • Winning contests. Every so often, we hold contests of different genres. Common examples would be Personal Art contests, poetry contest, roleplay sample contest, fanfiction contest and others)

  • Member of the Month. If you have been chosen by the staffs to be the member of the month, rest assured that you automatically earned 100 ryo.

What to do with your money

  • New Abilities Creation. Every individual is limited to one special ability at first (special ability doesn't include super strength.. lalala.. we all know extraordinary beings have those). With your money, you can buy a new ability in the Bakemono Secret Shop. There will also be special items for specific races such as for Mages, you can use ryo to learn a new element. Or for Summoners, you can have a new summon. Go to the Shop for more details of what you can buy.

  • New Weapon Creation. Everyone is limited to two weapons at first. But with your money, you can have a new weapon by your choice.

  • Statistics Upgrade. You can upgrade your Strength, Speed, Stamina, Energy Source, and/or Intelligence. Remember that this is not a point system, so I trust you enough that you would follow your character's statistics.

  • Username Change. You can change your username for 50 ryo. You can also request for your own personal rank that would be displayed under your avatar for 100 ryo.

  • Country Change. Your country is randomly chosen for you by the admins, but you can change where you live legally and without branding you a traitor for certain price.

  • Country Leader Challenge. You can challenge the leader of your country for his or her position. You two will then engage in a one on one fight, and the admins will decide which one has the better Rping skills. Note that even if you're losing the battle, if you're Rping accordingly and appropriately, you will emerge as the winner. As leader, you can then engage war, or peace or etc against other countries.

  • Marriage. If you want to legalize your ties between your partner and have a grand Roleplay for the ceremony, you can be officially married with certain costs of money.

  • Residence. If you want to have your own house or mansion, you can have one. This will then appear as a sticky in your country.

  • GUILD CREATION. This is probably the most expensive of them all. With enough money, you can create your own guild and become the guild master. You will then have your own forum inside “The Guilds” forum. Being the guild master will immediately provide you with a package: you will have one free new ability, one free new weapon, and one stat upgrade. You can then engage into giving out missions, helping them in their missions to earn money (remember that you earn ryo if you post), and can wage war against a country or another guild if you want. There will be a guild guide topic in the Welcome to RPG Haven forum if you need more details. Also, with enough money, you can change your guild and join another one, but I can't assure you that you won't be branded traitor by your former guild. It's up to the guild master to decide.

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